Well, week one is well under the way.  It is so weird getting back into the swing of teaching, but I guess it's a lot like riding a bike, once you remember you can you just do.  Things have changed so much in the 7 years that I took off from teaching.  Between learning the new scope and sequence, understanding the Florida State Standards (aka Common Core), to learning to write essential questions, learning goals and scales.

The things that don't change are the real reason people go into teaching.  I love seeing their faces when they realize you care and will help.  I love watching those Ah Ha moments of life, and teaching in primary grades you have those so often.  Seeing children truly care about each other and even the times when you are banging your head against the wall because a child just doesn't get it.

I love the fact the every day brings new challenges, new joys and a new level of learning.  I find that I have changed as a teacher.  I guess it is a combination of finding a renewed joy for the profession, being a mother and just being more experienced in life.  I find myself searching out the positives and trying to focus less on the negatives.  I find myself rejoicing over the small happy moments and not sweating the rough patches.

I realize that children have changed.  Expectations have changed.  I have changed.  But the thing to remember is the true expected outcome should never change... and that is children who grow up loving to learn.  That is the gift I hope to give each child.


Setting it all up

I got into my classroom for the first time today.  Just getting there was a joy,... not!  I had to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops of a first year teacher, even though I was teaching last spring and did a lot of those things then.

Today I got my bulletin boards started, straightened out some stuff and a few other things.  I have never set up a first grade classroom.  I don't have all my stuff moved into my room... and I've never set up at room with a 7 and 6 year old "helping".  I felt like it took three times as long to do anything today.  I'm not going to go over board so I have place to put more stuff up as the year goes on, or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Have you started redesigning your rooms?  Do you create theme for your room or just do a hodgepodge of whatever?    I'll share more info about what I'm doing soon.