I'm backkkkk

Ok, I know I haven't posted on my blog in an eon.  And, I know that for the most part my most recent posts with links to my TPT store.  But, life has changed.  Blake is going into 2nd grade and Colby is going into 1st.  In March, I went back to work.  I taught 3rd grade for the rest of the school year.  And, on Aug. 18th have my first first day of school since 2005.  I'm going to be a first grade teacher this go round.

I'm excited to get back into the classroom.  To try out a new grade and the fun new adventures I will find.  So, I'm back to share my adventures as a Teacher Turned Mommy Turned Teacher again.  I hope you enjoy hearing about the things that happen in my classroom and of course with the boys.

Can't wait to hear from you all again.  (o:

Kindergarten Number Book

As a kindergarten teacher we understand that even when children can count, that does not necessarily mean they know their numbers.  So often people focus on counting and numeral recognition, but true number sense is key to a child understanding addition, subtraction and anything else that deals with numbers.

As teachers we try to find a variety of ways to help children understand what the number means.  They have to understand that 1 seed and 1 elephant are both one even though an elephant is bigger than a seed.  They need to understand that 6 cubes stuck together and 6 cubes taken apart are the same (conservation of number).  Children also need to understand that 6 is greater than 3 because there are more items in a group of 6 than a group of 3.  Children need to be able to recognize common configurations of numbers such as the dots on a domino or number cube.

Children need to develop all of theses skills with the numbers 0-10 before they could ever understand that the number 14 is made of 1 ten and 4 ones.

As teachers we use tools such a ten frames, tally marks, cube trains, base ten blocks and so much more to help children understand number.  This kit that I created allows the students to "play" with one number at a time.  They work on recognizing the numeral, the number work, what it looks like on a domino, with number cubes, using tally marks.  There is also the opportunity to work on what does it look like on a clock.

I hope you check out my kit, Kindergarten Number Book, on Teachers Pay Teachers and see if it would help your students record their knowledge of this topic.