Finding my Groove

I am start to feel like I've found my groove.  I still haven't got a true grasp of what is next and where I'm going but I've found my groove as a teacher and that is a big part of being a good teacher.  I can look week to week where I need to go, but if I don't have a groove in the class, I can't get there.

I find myself a more playful teacher than when I left.  I can joke with the kids and then go on with what I need to teach.  I am enjoying the fact that I can say take out your whiteboard and let's do this instead of always having to have a paper pencil task to show learning.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get the kids on the computers to do both the math and reading programs and not have them miss key learning.  This is especially difficult with my struggling learners who need more small group instruction to grasp basic concepts, but still need these computer programs to help them progress at their ability level.   How to fit it all in... well I'll figure that out.

Its sort of like trying to figure out how to get all my teaching things done and all the mommy things done all in the same time frame.  This weekend I didn't feel as hurried to get stuff done around the house.  I guess I'm starting to find my groove in all aspects of life... maybe

classroom set up

Hard to believe we have already been in school for 10 days.  It was nice to have a long weekend this weekend.  I just realized that I never posted any of the pictures I took of my classroom in progress.  I don't think I ever did take a picture of the final results. 

I started the year with 17 kids, before the first week I was up to 19 and ended up with 20.  On Tuesday, I will be back down to 17 as we had to hire another first grade teacher.  The school zone has grown crazy fast in the last few years.

Things are going ok.  I can't wait to get my true routines up and going.  We will start everything into full swing next week.  I'm going to start my reading routine this week, as well as, the math program.  But, as we know nothing works smoothly the first week especially a short week.

Back to Mommy duty... time to say goodnight to my guys.  Have a great short week everyone!