Choices are a good thing

One thing that always amazed me while teaching Kindergarten was children who could not make choices. I mean come on... pick red or's not that hard!

I've begun working with Blake on picking out simple things... do you want to wear this shirt or this shirt. Some days, he loves to pick other days it's like he wants to say "Come on Mommy you just pick one out I don't care!"

I will tell you one thing, I wish he could tell me which food he wants to eat! Today is a prime example. It's chilly here today (hey 41 degrees is freezing for Orlando!) so I decided to make him oatmeal for breakfast. Now many days I make him oatmeal and he gobbles it up like it was the best thing around. Not today. I barely got 1/2 a bowl into him. Now if I could have asked him... do you want oatmeal or Cheerios or toast and he got to pick then we may have ate more breakfast. But unlike choosing a shirt I can't show him oatmeal, Cheerios and toast and have him point to what he wants to eat.

Orrrrr I teach him what the box of oatmeal, box of Cheerios and slice of bread look like and see if he can tell me that way... then it's onto lunch!

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