Names are hard! (detour off Blake today)

Having been a kindergarten teacher for ten years coming up with names to name the new baby is HARD! I have so many restrictions based on personal preference, and then there are Richard's thoughts and feelings on the names too. You'd never think picking a name for your little one would be sooo hard!

Teaching taught me a lot about names (not just what ones NOT to pick based on children I had in my class). I do not want my child to have a "trendy name" because you look back and say... hey you must have been born in 2008 because you are named ____. I do not want them to have a popular name because I don't want him to be 1 of 3 boys named ____ in his class. I do not want a unisex name because I don't want him to come across a girl with the same name as him. I do not want him to have a name that can easily be made into a mean nickname.

I want him to have a strong name that will work as an infant, a child and as a grown adult. I want him to have a name that you know what it says when you read it. I want him to have a name that is spelled the way it sounds (he will already have to spell his last name AND tell people how to pronounce it).

All I can say is I hope both my sons like their names when they get older, because I agonized over the naming of both of them!!

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  1. We had the hardest time coming up with names when I was pregnant. I knew I wanted Eliza for a girl. I am a big My Fair Lady fan and I had never met anyone else with that name. Thinking of a name for a boy was so hard. Everyone had their opinion and I finally just stopped talking about this issue. Thank goodness I had a girl!


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