I don't want to sit anymore

Oh why can't I learn??????

After teaching kindergarten and arguing over and over that children can not sit for extended periods of time, you'd think that I'd know this about my own child who is only 15 months not 5 years old! When I taught I was always fighting over going out to recess, allowing my children to have choice (playtime) in the classroom, as well as the fact that my schedule was a mix of sitting and movement activities. As a teacher, I knew that children needed to get up and move around and was willing to argue with anyone who disagreed with me!

Now, for the most part I do totally understand this with Blake. I have on occasion refused to go and do things with him because I knew he would be expected to stay still for farrrr too long. But, then I do things like yesterday!

Yesterday we decided to meet up with my parents and go to Babies R Us. We needed more handle locks and wanted to look at double strollers, monitors, another crib mattress and more. So we waited until after Blake's afternoon nap (which wasn't a good nap to begin with) gave him his snack and then loaded him into the car.

When Blake is in a store, if the carriage is moving he is fine, if you stop he thinks it is time to get out. But, if you take him out forget getting him back in. We did take him out to see how he fit and liked the new strollers we were looking at. Then, my parents walked around with him for a bit so Richard and I could play with the strollers to see which one functioned the way we wanted.

Well... by the time we were done shopping, Blake was more than done shopping!

Oh, but then I say... lets go to dinner. Now we went to a buffet salad place (which we have taken Blake to before). But.... that was not a great experience. First it was on the early side so I'm not sure he was really hungry. Second he did NOT want to sit anymore.

Oh well, everyone got a bit of exercise with their dinner, and I got a reminder that Blake only sits for one activity and then he wants to RUN!!


  1. I often forget the limit of my children's patience! It is all part of the game I guess. Swing by my blog later - I gave you an award!

  2. Audrey is just like Blake, although she's two... we can't go out to eat because she refuses to sit. I am hoping this phase passes soon!!

  3. I guess I should be grateful that J is just rolling around for now. Though, he has developed the major squirmies! He can barely sit still in my lap--he wants to run, walk, crawl--he just can't . . . yet.

  4. Hey~ I tagged you. Check New Mommy Rant blog for details! :)

  5. Awe. He did a good job with the shopping. I am not a big shopper and I tend to get antsy after a little bit. My friend used to bribe me by buying me a coffee so that I wouldn't complain and get fussy.

  6. i try not to take avery shopping...he is usually good, just full of energy!

    and yes my son does have a "leash".

  7. He will get better with sitting as he gets older. Try taking him on a walk before you guys go. That might tire him out! :)

  8. I have a kid like that too. He's 22 months and hates to sit but if I bring enough books and snacks we're usually okay. He doesn't know it's an option to get out of the cart and I'm not telling him! ;-)


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