random weekend thoughts

1. Time away is good... and the hug you get when you come home makes it even more worth it

2. The love of a toddler is shown in so many ways even if they are sometimes covered in dirt

3. Living in Florida has so many bonuses... as long as we live here I'll never have to dress Blake in a snowsuit (o:

4. It is sad that Mommies get all excited over the little changes... even if the changes are in the form of poop

5. When your husband loves and supports you and lets you get out of the house for no reason... it's all worth it!

6. Nap time is a great thing... now if we could just keep it up for say the next 10 years or so I'll bet set


  1. what a nice list! I love when I get a mommy time away - even if it is just for lunch for whatever...I love it. I miss my family while I am gone, but it is a needed break from time to time.

  2. I enjoyed the list! I am jealous you live in Florida. I can't wait for it to get warmer here in Jersey.The winter is very depessing.


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