These are a few of my favorite things...

a list as Blake would write it!

(not necessarily in this order)

1. Reading books (he loves to have them read to him, and read them on his own too!)

2. Play with my train (it plays music and moves on its own... a big hit!)

3. Play with my trucks / cars

4. Knock down the buildings mommy and daddy build

5. Dump everything out of the cupboards

6. Play with the brooms on the porch


8. Take Abby for a walk

9. Climb the stairs

10. Climb anything and everything

11. Watch tv when I'm tired

12. Take a bath

13. Flush the toilet

14. Play outside

15. Spend time with my family

What is your little one's favorite things to do??


  1. avery would love to be outside right now...but too cold! he loves his books, climbing (and falling) off the couch, reading, hugging his stuffed animals, and I'm sure there are many more!

  2. Playing outside and flushing the toilet is on top of Audrey's list!

  3. you've been tagged! read my "been tagged" blog

  4. Eliza loves to roll over. That is her new thing right now. She rolls over and reaches for her toys! It is so exciting. Also, thanks for your support with my retun to work. It really means a lot to me! I will keep your kind words with me when I return to work tomm.

  5. Tow of mine do not liek to flush the toilet. I am always coming behind them and flushing their poop. :) Your son needs to come over and teach them a thing or two!

  6. J loves when I sing Old McDonald, If You're Happy, and You Are My Sunshine. He actually won't smile or laugh at any other songs!!! Unless, I start making a total fool of myself with it--then he's just laughing at me!

    He loves his Laugh and Learn Puppy and his new Learn and Groove Musical Table (a godsend). Oh and as made evident by my blog, he's a big fan of his Exersaucer!

    Most of all, he just loves to hop around in your lap, laughing and smiling as you talk/sing to him.

    Gosh, I just love this kid . . . Thanks for asking this. I love talking about him :) Can you tell???

  7. That is a fun list- when I am feeling grumpy, I am going to try some of those. How can you feel grumpy when you flush the potty for fun! Thanks for sharing!


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