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Ok I have seen that on the 100th post a lot of people write 100 things about me. I'm not the list kind of person (hahaha... yes I know I write a list every Sat, but that is different). I also realize that this is so the readers get to know the blogger a bit more. So I decided to ramble about myself a bit and give you a better impression of who I am beyond a former teacher and Blake's mommy.

Ummmm where in the world do you start? Hi my name is Lori and I am a stay-at-home-mom!

I taught kindergarten for ten years. Teaching was a profession that choose me as much as I chose it. I decided when I was in about the 4th grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I originally wanted to be a doctor but decided I didn't like blood or needles so that was out. When I was in HS I had a LOT of people try to convince me to go into some type of engineering field.... nope why would I want a job where I (especially as a woman) could make good money and most likely receive a lot more respect? Then when I wouldn't give in on that people tried to convince me I was wasting my abilities by teaching little kids and should get a degree in mathematics or science and "at least teach high school". Ummm I hated high schoolers while I was one whyyyy would I want to teach them? Plus I'm only 5' tall, so I'd be shorter than 1/2 if not more than 1/2 my students.... yeah noooo.

I choose to work with young children because I wanted to provide a love of learning and help children see that you can learn in so many different ways. I wanted to help them see that everyone can learn. That everyone can achieve. That reading is fun. That learning is fun. That education is important. Soooo I got my BA in Human Growth and Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. Then went straight to grad school and got my EdM in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood.

I worked in a day care for a year in Rochester, NY. Decided that wasn't for me, it was fun to design and create my own kindergarten program, but I wasn't happy in the setting and wanted to get into the public school system. I moved back to MA and got a job teaching kindergarten in Franklin, MA. I taught there for 3 years and decided it was time for another change. So I packed up and moved to Orlando, FL. (my brother was already living and teaching here). I taught at a very low income school my first year, and would have stayed if my principal and I didn't have so many philosophy differences. So I moved on. I then taught 5 years at another school, in a very different area of the county.

It was through a co-worker that I met Richard. Long story short... I met him in a bar where he bought my phone number for $20. (sort of... it's more of a running joke than the truth... but that's another day's post).

We got married 1 year, 1 month and 2 days after our first date. Blake was born in Nov, 2006. And our next little one is due June 13th, but will be here before then.

I love being a mommy. I love watching my little one grow and develop. I love seeing that excitement. He keeps me young (which I need since I'm already in my 30s).

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope this gave you a small glimpse into who I am... as boring as it sounds! Thank you for the feedback you've provided and for allowing me to get a peek into your lives and families. I truly enjoy reading about people and getting to see that hey... I'm not so strange after all!

later I'll post my month's end post as has been my thing for the last few months!


  1. I like your "Hi, I'm Lori and I'm a SAHM" . . . it sounds like an AA introduction. Fabulous!

  2. That was great! Thanks for your offer on the resume. I will send it to you as soon as I can get to my regular computer. I really appreciate your help. With Eliza getting so sick at day care I really need to find a way to work home or have more flexible hours.

  3. I love this! You were born to be a teacher and I have no doubt you will go back after your boys are older - the new one is a boy if my memory serves me correct?

    BTW, both my boys are June babies... Jack on the 8th and Kamden on the 28th. It's a good month!

  4. I always like "getting to know me" posts. They are always fun! :)

  5. I loved getting to know more about you! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. i was told the same thing when i said i wanted to go into teaching. don't you know there is no money in the profession? or i get the opposite...teachers have the best/easy jobs b/c they don't "work" 8 hrs a day and have lots of vacations and summer off. boy are they wrong! so why is there a lack of teachers?

  7. You totally could have made this into at least 50 things! Oh well, narrative, list, whatever!

  8. I love learning more about you! Can't wait to hear the REAL story of how you and Mr. hooked up!


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