random weekend thoughts


1. A trip to your parents is always a welcome break

2. A baby with a messed up nap time is never fun for anyone!

3. Got to love the Florida weather... one day the low is 63 and the next day the high is 66... yo-yo weather is not bad when everyone else is snowed in!

4. Getting a phone call that says... hey I'm on my way to the ER is NEVER fun (my husband broke his collar bone biking today!)

5. When things are busy the blog takes a backseat, but is never far from the mind!

6. Being pregnant and having mommynesia makes it very hard to speak in complete sentences and/or complete a thought!

7. Whoever decided that changing the time on clocks was a good thing was NOT the parent of a toddler!!!

8. Typing my blog later than normal has made it hard to come up with my random thoughts for this week (o:


  1. I'll take your weather over the rain and snow here...want to trade? Great list as always

  2. Love the list...except for the one about your poor hubby! Hopefully his collar bone heals up quickly and he isn't in too much pain! And yeah...changing the time on clocks - NOT a good idea! ;)

  3. COngrats! I just realized that you were expecting again!

  4. Hope Richard is OK. I broke my collar bone when I was 5 years old; I could not move my neck it was NOT fun.

  5. Sorry to hear about your husband. Those phone calls are the worst! I was wonderng how the time change would be on Eliza.


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