random weekend thoughts

First off... Happy Easter a bit early. I'll try to post a scrapbook page tomorrow, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it... so I figured I'd wish everyone (those who celebrate!) a Happy Easter weekend

1. Hot chocolate is a good way to fill a morning chocolate craving

2. There should be a sign on the front door of the grocery store that say... do not expect to walk out paying less than $100 unless you shop daily

3. Having a loving family is the best thing you could ask for

4. Getting out on your own, even just to the doctors office, is always a welcome break

5. Having a toddler means you will find every scrap of paper that you saved for some reason at sometime

6. Having an active toddler means you WILL be tired at night (especially when you are pregnant on top of that)

7. Celebrating the holidays reminds you that there are others who have less in so many ways... and for that I'm grateful for what I do have

8. Having things go wrong helps you appreciate when things are going right


  1. The grocery store only gets worse with more kids. Sometimes the bill is over $100 several times a week.

  2. Happy Easter! We will be shopping today and I feel you on the high price of things. Sometimes I look at how much I bought and the receipt and it makes me sick.

  3. Another great list! You sound more positive this week so I am glad for that. I am hoping that means you are all settling into a 'daddy's hurt' routine.

    Oh- the grocery store one- what is with that anyway? Our grocery list for this week was SMALL- just a few items and we still spent $100.

  4. So true...and what is it with grocery shopping anyways? I think I only have a few things on my list and then when I walk out of the store I have spent way more than I thought I would! Sigh. Oh well...
    Happy Easter to you!

  5. What great random thoughts! I needed to comment that I totally think you are right about being a mommy is harder than teaching! I cherish my time away from the kids b/c I feel like I can actually breathe!!

  6. Love these posts!

    2 and 3-- I'm all over it!

    I nearly threw a party when my Walmart (ugh) bill came to under $100 (it was over $90--but still!).

  7. I am sure it has to be hard having a busy child and have pregnancy tiredness.
    Too bad I have to eat. Food is expensive

  8. That's a great list and a good reality check - hope you had a fantastic Easter!


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