Another month down

Can you believe it? I posted my first post on my blog on Jan. 2nd and here it is the end of April. Anyone been around with me that long?? The other thing that shocks me is I started my sitemeter on March 18th and I've had almost 1000 visits since then... amazing when you think about it. Yes, I know there are boards that probably get that in a few weeks, but still!

I don't think there have been many changes to my board this past month... I think I maybe getting into my groove (that is usually a sure sign that I need to change something!). If there anything you'd like to see more/less of in the coming month... let me know! I'm sure things will slow down for a bit after the new baby is born, but I'll try to keep up my daily posts (we will see!) I've already posted my new scrapbook "flipper"... I decided to do something a bit different this month. Watch for a new month long poll... got to think of another question I guess!

May... lets see May is a crazy month! My birthday is coming very soon... a day I'd like to pretend doesn't exist! (don't even ask me how old I'm turning... eek!) Richard is struggling this year. Every year he plans some sort of surprise for my birthday, but this year is tough since we have an almost 18 month old and well... I'm just a bit pregnant. One year he took me to Downtown Disney to have ice cream sundaes and go see La Nuba. Another year he took me out to eat and then miniature golfing. Last year he took me out to breakfast and then gave me the day off (is there anything better for a stay-at-home mommy of a 6 month old than a few hours alone?). This year... yeah I'm not expecting much!

Then there's Mother's Day. Which this year is also the day Blake turns 18 months... I can't believe he is a year and a half old. WOW!

Oh and the other assorted relative birthdays, anniversaries, etc...

Then there's that whole... wait I could be having my baby this month too thing... crazy I tell you!


  1. I hear you on the busy month of may..ours is too! just means may will be going by faster and you will get to meet your new baby boy quicker!

  2. Well, happy early birthday...Um, Lori, seriously "a bit pregnant?" Come on! haha

  3. Happy early birthday as well...hopefully Richard can come up with a little something. :) I'm sure he will. I feel the same as you though...all of a sudden this month has gotten very I could be having a baby this month too. Yikes!

  4. So much going on!!! I won't ask how old you are if you don't ask how old I am. I just hope I don't end up in the geriatric unit when/IF I decide to go for a sibling for J.

    I can't believe how close you are!!! Woo hoo!!!

  5. wow- you are busy! this month will fly by and you will be meeting that little one soon- with all those birthdays, you better keep that one in until June :) (you know, because you actually control that!)

  6. May is super busy for us too, my bday, our anniversary and Mother's Day all within days of each other. Then June the boys both have their b-days.

    But I am NOT having a baby this month so you win ;-)

    Oh and Jay and I spent our honeymoon at Disneyworld and saw La Nuba. Wicked that you can go their anytime you like!


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