Let me help!

As a teacher I value the importance of letting children help out in any way that he/she is capable. I always encourage my class to not only help out by cleaning up, but also help each other. Yes, teaching kindergarten I had to teach the difference between doing it for someone and helping them do it, but it is worth it in the long run.

Blake wants to help, but his version of helping isn't always the most helpful! (o:

Yesterday I was making ice cream (yes I make my own ice cream), and Blake wanted to help pour it into the bowl. He let me know this by dragging his chair over to the counter and then trying to climb up into it. So I had to stop what I was doing so I could put him into his chair before he tipped it over. Then he proceeded to try to put his hand into the bowl I was pouring the ice cream into while I was scooping.

I decided to get one of his spoons and give him a taste to see if that would satisfy him. I soooo wish I had a picture of him when he first put the spoon in his mouth. I think he was a bit shocked at the temperature of it. After getting over the initial shock of the temperature he couldn't get enough of it.

I decided to put the mixing bowl down for him to scoop out his own (he didn't have very much don't worry). But, he certainly enjoyed trying to get it out!


  1. I SO have that same ice cream maker and I NEVER use it. I need somebody to "help" me!

  2. i LOVE homemade ice cream! i should use my mixer more often though

  3. Yummy! What a great idea. He's gotta love this!

  4. Sounds tasty...and I love it when Tate wants to help me (which is pretty much any time that I am in the kitchen, or cleaning up ANYTHING or doing laundry!) But like you said...sometimes, it's not exactly "help"...but I still want him to think he's helping me and I always encourage him to "help". :)

  5. Adorable pics...thanks for sharing them...wish it was warm enough in GA to be MAKING ICE CREAM!!! I'm jealous in case you can't tell!

  6. How cute. I hardly never make homemade icecream because their isn't a mixer big enough for our family. :)


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