long day... longer night! (and long post to boot)

Well yesterday was a longgg day for Blake. He woke up in the morning happy as a clam and that was the end of that. He was upset before he even had breakfast. Took maybe a 45 min nap and then wanted to cuddle with him for another 1.5 hrs on the couch (this is a huge red flag with him... Blake is not a cuddly kid). He was running a mild fever but it broke quickly with Tylenol.

I did get him to have a cheese quesidilla for lunch, but he wanted nothing to do with the banana I offered him (usually one of his favorite things). After a bit more cuddling and a bit of fussing I got him down for an afternoon nap at 1pm... he slept until a bit after 4. Ok... this is good... nope now we have a higher fever (still not overly high 101.2)... more Tylenol for you! I also gave him gas drops because his stomach has seemed off the last day or so. Ok doing better now... play time with the grandparents.

Dinner was supposed to be at 5:30, but didn't happen until after 6 so he'd snacked more than normal and refused to eat dinner. Then was upset because no one was playing with him. Ok he can get frustrated but it got to the hysterical phase so I had to stop and take him to his room to comfort him (and change his diaper).

Richard then put on his bathing suit and took Blake into our shower to shower... a FAVORITE activity of Blake's. He was doing fine... had his yogurt shake, watched the news and Jeopardy, went down will little to no fuss. Ok great!

Richard and I both checked on him a few times before we went to bed. But around 10pm he decided that he was awake and wanted to be held for a min. Ok give you hugs and put you back to bed... no go!

We finally got him comfortable and sleeping. We then went to go to bed ourselves. Well the fun began around 11:30 and didn't end until maybe 3am. I was up with him at 11:30, 12:15, 12:30 (at which time I decided to go play on the computer so Richard could get some sleep). Ok I'll go play on the computer for a bit, if he continues to fuss I'll sleep on the couch. If he sleeps for an extended period of time I'll try going back to bed.... guess what? He slept... I went back to bed and 10 min later he was fussing again!

He finally did sleep for a block of time and woke up around 7:15 am. At 8:30 he was bringing me to his room to put him down for a nap... yeah that lasted 30 min if that (barely time for a shower).

But at 10:30 he decided to try again... hmmm will he sleep? What is the issue??? good question! Could be his teeth. Could be his grandparents are here and as much as he's on schedule he's not. Could be anything. I'll keep an eye on him and see. At least there is no temperature today so my guess is it is nothing


  1. Awww! poor guy! And poor you! I hope he is feeling better today!

  2. Sounds like an ear infection to me . . . I'd take him to the ped. for a check!

  3. poor Blake and mommy! My first thought was teeth - you know those darn teeth! He could be coming down with something. Hope today goes better!

  4. awwww sorry to hear he was/is not feeling well. Hope he will feel better soon.

  5. hope blake is feeling better! avery was like that when he cut his 4 molars! hope you get some sleep!

  6. Sorry you had a rough night. I know how precious sleep is when you are pregnant. I hope he is feeling a little better. No temp is a good sign. Keep us updated.


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