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ok someone asked me the other day (sorry I'm too lazy to go back through the posts and find out who... lol) if I'd set my c-section date. Nope, not yet. I have my next Dr. appt on May 1st and I'm setting it then... crazy to think I only have about 4 weeks left. Not sure what we are going to do about the date as Richard has a big presentation June 3rd and 4th so I really don't want to have the baby right before that (he is taking the whole first week off to help out at home). I'm not sure that my dr will let me go until June 6th (although that would be great since Blake's b-day is 11/11 then the new baby's would be 6/6).

We will see... I didn't really want a May baby as May is crazy month for us. My b-day is in May so I have nothing against May babies, butttt both of Richard's parents birthdays and their anniversary is in May. My aunt's birthday is in May and my nephew's mother's birthday is in May... May is busy for us!

I promise I will change my ticker at the top once I know the exact date.

I've also added another poll for you to do... the New baby's name! (it will only be up for 2 weeks, so jump over quickly) Names are hard! Our last name begins with an F if that helps any. If you don't like any... post a new suggestion!! (as you can see I like the first name to be a bit different, but not out there. It needs to be 4-6 letters only. I don't like names that are automatically associated with a nickname. And it should sound decent with Blake (whose middle name is Thomas))


  1. goodluck choosing a date!

    *avery was good for my mom, other than beating on the dog!

  2. Cute name choices. I think boy names are hard. Colby was on our list (the twins could have been Colby and Kennedy). Still love it, but those are all great choices.

    Good luck.

  3. I like all your name choices...though the Kolby really stuck with me so I picked that one! All cute choices.

  4. i love the name colby...never thought about that one.

  5. Isnt' it weird to choose when your kid arrives? I'm SO doing a C-section next time. The hell with 3rd degree tearing and not peeing comfortably for three months.

    If you go with "Colby," I like it much better with a "C."

  6. i like all of those names! good choices! but i did vote for one!

  7. you should try comparing the names on there are some good reports on how names fit and different information about names.


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