random weekend thoughts

wow what a week!

1. Staying busy isn't always a good thing

2. Sometimes you have to remember that toddlers go through phases and it will get better (Blake slept alllll the way through the night last night)

3. The best way to fix a tough day is to laugh with a child

4. Hugs can make everything better

5. Waiting is half the battle

6. 8 weeks... that's all I have left (or about that) until I get to meet my new little one... how exciting and scary at the same time!

7. Sleep is a good thing

8. Having the support of a loving husband and a caring family makes it easier to deal with the unknown!


  1. Hooray! 8 weeks left! Heh - then as you know, sleep will REALLY be a scarce commodity!

  2. #8 is the best one! But they are all so true.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend Lori!

  3. 8 weeks!! Wow. That is so exciting. Start building up your sleep now. I am glad to hear Blake had a good night.

  4. You have the best lists! Woah! 8 weeks! That will be here before you know it!

  5. Yea, I'm stuck on the 8 weeks thing too. That is a absolutely EX.CIT.ING to the max ... like totally!

  6. Your new little one will be here so soon

  7. I know! I've been thinking about the fact that 8 weeks is all I have left too! For some reason, 8 weeks sounds a lot shorter than 2 months!!

  8. I feel you on the busy-ness stuff. Sometimes it's good, but mostly it can be exhausting!


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