random weekend thoughts

Yes I know I am yet again posting in the middle of the night (well early morning), but I was hungry so I had to get up and have a snack, and then I was awake sooooo.... why not blog?

1. A good night sleep makes it so much easier to deal with the day

2. A well rested Mommy is a lot more fun to be around

3. Mini meals are great (especially when pregnant and you don't have a choice) except your body is often still looking for that kick of food during the night time

4. Little changes make a big difference

5. Getting out of the house (even if it's to the grocery store) can make a SAHM's week

6. Breakfast for dinner is a treat... I love pancakes and french toast and other breakfast foods, but I never want to make them at breakfast time

7. Trying to guess what a toddler is thinking is NOT easy!

8. Soon they are going to have to raise the minimum wage because the price of gas is going to be more than some people make in an hour


  1. I wish I could figure out how to make #1 happen so that number 2 can occur. You said it on #8!

  2. I love these random thoughts you do! I wish I could do that but I can't right now;maybe someday! These are wonderful and I LOVE breakfast food also it is soooo yummy and not at Breakfast time either.
    #8 says it all(how much is gas there?, here it is about 3.09-3.30)

  3. i agree about breakfast and the gas prices!

  4. That one about the gas prices is funny...but depressing too! Sigh. Oh well...and I LOVE breakfast food for lunch or supper too...I just never have enough time/gumption to make pancakes, etc. in the morning!

  5. Hear, hear to every one of those - especially the last one!

  6. Mmmm bacon! I love me some bacon and eggs:-)

    Gas is crazy... what we need to do is figure out another way to get around. The whole fossil fuel thing has to end sometime or we will have no world left to live in. It's depressing though because there is so much flack against it!

    Great post Lori!

  7. Gas prices are way high here in Jersey too! HHMMM Pancakes for dinner does sound yummy.

  8. I LOVE breakfast for dinner. But the best thing EVER is cheesy grits with shrimp. For dinner. Sounds gross, but trust me - it's the best thing EVER . . . mmm . . . with sauteed grape tomatos, garlic salt, green peppers and some onions . . . mmmm

  9. Love breakfast for dinner.

    And you pretty much summed up my feeling on gas prices! They stink!


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