random weekend thoughts

1. The longer this pregnancy goes the longer it gets!

2. Seeing a toddler proud of himself is a great feeling as a parent

3. Having Blake sleep through the night (ok 98% of the night) in his big boy bed makes life easier!

4. Going shopping and finding what you want feels good (not spending an arm and a leg feels even better)

5. Going no where during the week is justified when I go to put gas in my car... I paid $3.52 a gallon yesterday.... EEK!!

6. Having someone compliment Blake on his behavior makes me realize I'm doing something right

7. Having people leave comments on my blog makes me smile and want to post more


  1. Another great list! I know I shed a tear when I put gas in my car today....ouch! I love when people tell me my children are well behaved or beautiful. And I too love comments on my posts!

  2. It cost me $119 to gas up my car. $119!!!! Now I do live in a metropolis, but still - $119 is a bit excessive. It's not like I drive a Hummer.

    Also, I'll leave you a post so you feel the love!

  3. LSHM beat me . . . mine cost $84. Poor baby J might go hungry. *sniff*

    Great list! Lots of happy stuff!

  4. Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and I'll have to agree with everything on that list. My favorite is seeing the proud toddler though. Good good feeling in the heart when that happens!

    Great blog.

  5. ohhh...I agree 100% with that first one! Do you know when your c-section is yet?

  6. If someone is complimenting your toddlers behavior you ARE doing something right. Can you maybe come tutor me????

  7. You are so right --- gas is ridiculous!!!!

    Great list!


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