toddler bed take 1

Well we put Blake's toddler bed in his room last night. Richard, Blake and I played and read stories on/next to it before he went to sleep last night. Then this morning Blake and I played with the felt cars for the headboard. I managed to get him to skip his morning rest time so he'd be tired for his afternoon nap. I brought him in and put him on the toddler bed and he got very upset. So I stayed with him for a bit and rubbed his stomach and sang with him to calm him down. Then the phone rang so I told him I had to go answer it and he should close his eyes and get some rest. Yeah well that wasn't in his plans, but in less than 5 min he was quiet. I check on him and found him like this...

yes that is on the floor next to his closet... sort of near the toddler bed! so being the good mommy I am I first went and go my camera to take a picture of him. Then I tried to move him... oops that didn't work.

I got him back on the bed and settled down again and told him to lay down and rest. I'm sure he was off the bed before I even left the room. He was upset for less than 3 min. But, he didn't sleep... I could hear him playing and talking away. Then he got quiet... ok I'm going to go check in a min... nope he began screaming at that time.

So I go back in again and he's fine. I tell him to get up on the bed and lay down and he did without hesitation, but he wanted to read. So we read a book and I sat with him a minute or two and then said... ok you rest. I'll see you when you wake up. He fussed that time for less than a minute, but as of now still hasn't gone to sleep.

We will see!!

(I'll try to remember to take a pic of the bed in the room when he's awake to show you later)


  1. cute bed! i dread the day avery will not be in his crib...not sure if i will ever be ready to move him! ack!

  2. You should tell him that it could be worse . . . you could make him sleep on the toddler bed up on the sawhorse, right?

  3. I wouldn't even feel badly if you let him sleep on the floor. I don't know if that's the popular opinion, but eventually he'll get used to the bed, and fall asleep in it, instead of on the floor when he's mad. Olivia is 2, and still in her crib. I'm thankful we're not planning our next babe for a couple more months... she is REALLY a pain about change. She'll be close to three before we have another baby, so that should help. She does quite like the bunk beds in her room though... mainly to jump on!

  4. Sooo funny Lori!! Sonia DID NOT like her toddler bed at first. We got her a princess one and she was sooooo excited for it and when we went to put her in it; she freaked out and threw up everywhere; soooooo. we put it away and then we decided to change her crib into the toddler bed and that worked because she was technically still in her crib.
    He will get used to it!!

  5. Hang in there. The first few days are the worst. Just gate him in the room or shut the door and eventually he will fall asleep (even if it is on the floor). Sooner or later he will learn to sleep on the bed. Can't wait to hear more about how it goes.

  6. oh, the transition is short lived. it's weird once they can creep down the hallway, when you're so used to them calling for you to get them.

    we started with my daughter's crib mattress on the floor, next to her crib ... then transitioned to the big bed.

    we used a night-night chart to help my son get rewarded for staying in his bed.

    there may be more of the sleeping on the floor game. no worries.

    good luck. such a cute bed.

  7. Uh this is what I've got in store when I switch Tate to a toddler bed, huh? :) That's so cute that he fell asleep by the closet...although I'm sure you'd much rather have him on the bed!

  8. Gosh, I hope I have the strength to make it through this transition when it comes. I'm such a sap I think I would've crawled on the floor and cuddles right next to him. I know, I know . . . a no no . . . I told you I was a sap.

  9. Too cute. My daughter loved moving in to her toddler bed but I know a lot of kids go through issues while trying to adjust. Hopefully it won't take long! Good luck.

  10. Ahhh. I remember the toddler's first time in the bed. It was a long coupl of nights. He'll be a champ soon!


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