not quite himself

Blake had a tough weekend this weekend. I don't know if he isn't feeling well? If he is sensing the changes in the house? If he realizes that all his furniture has been moved? If he was just having a few "off" days? Or what!

I know he was having some tummy troubles, but I think we got that straightened out... only time will tell! Of course I'm not sure if it was caused by a lack of fluid? Something he ate/drank? A minor bug? Stress, ok feeling mommy/daddy stress?

That is one of the challenges of dealing with a not so verbal 18 month old (and now I can actually call him an 18 month old as he turned 18 months yesterday). I just wish he could tell him what hurts or what I can do to make him feel better!

Trust me for the most part he lets you know what he wants/ needs! He is getting very good at moving people to show them what he wants from another part of the house (granted visitors don't always understand why they are being pushed around... literally!).

I keep hoping that once the new baby is here he will up his verbal skills. I will tell you that I'm very impressed with his receptive language... for the most part he understand what you say to him and can (but doesn't always) follow directions.

Well he decided to sleep in today so maybe that will help him feel more himself. I hope to get him back on track and on schedule... and feeling more Blake!


  1. Hopefully today is a better day for you! Tate has had a few 'off' days recently too. I'm pretty sure his is due to teething though - a molar....and who knows how many other teeth are in the works! He seems to get this way every time he teeths a LOT...but's not easy having a very out of sorts toddler on your hands AND being almost 9 months pregnant! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hope Blake's feeling better today - happy belated Mother's Day!

  3. Poor little guy--I hope he does better this week.

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and that you are taking care of yourself . . . any moment now!!!

    Take care---YOU!

  4. hope he gets back to himself soon! avery doesn't talk much either, but he does understand what we say!

  5. it is so hard when they are not talking much...I know that is my hardest things with Riley. What does he want? What is bothering him? Hope today went better!

  6. I hope Blake is feeling better soon. This is a very busy time for you all- gettin ready for baby brother and I am sure the vibe in the hous eis different than usual.

  7. Poor kiddo - I hope he feels better!

  8. Poor kiddo!!! Oh and even when he talks more he still may not tell you what is bothering him! It is like pulling nails to get Bean to tell us what the issue is!!!!


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