random weekend thoughts / end of the month

1. Isn't it funny how the weeks can fly and the month still feels long?

2. Weight gain and pregnancy is normal, but it doesn't make it any less scary

3. Of course eating a bowl of ice cream every night could explain some of the weight gain

4. Going to BJ's and then the grocery store saves money, but you don't see it at the moment

5. Missing the shuttle launch because of Blake's tantrum is worth it... even if it is disappointing

6. Listening to Blake laugh and watching him play with Richard can make any moment special

7. Knowing I only have what 3.5 days left until I meet my new little guy in my life... yep they are going to be longggg days

8. A nap in the middle of the day... feels soooo good

Can you believe it is the end of another month? Where has time gone? In a few short days I will be the Mommy of 2. Seems like just yesterday I was worried about going into labor while Richard was working (and I was having Blake).

To answer some questions I know you have... no the baby still doesn't have a name. Yes, I will log on to update with stats (I am considering doing a poll of weight, length and name ... there wouldn't be a prize but would you still be interested?). Yes, I will try to post pics if I can if not I will as soon as I get home. If all goes well I should be home either Friday or Saturday (I'm sort of pushing hoping to get out on Friday).

As for my blog... I will try to get my daily posts up (they maybe shorter for a bit buttttt). I will continue to share how being a teacher has influenced my choices as a mother.

My question for you is... so what do you want to see more of? Anything you are tired of yet? What can I do to make my blog more appealing to you and others?


I think that's all! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!


  1. The months and weeks and days really do feel like they are flying by!! As I get older the time passes quicker...

  2. you know I just love your blog the way it is. I can't wait to hear all about life with Blake and Baby boy #2!

  3. Yes to the poll about statistics for Baby 2! But it has to be accompanied with a belly shot so we can all make our guesses.

  4. Yes a poll would be great! This has been a long month I feel also. Lori, I can't believe that we are going to be mommies of 2! It feels like yesterday sometimes we were at AMC laughing and having fun!!! You are going to be great with 2 boys!!!

  5. YAY! It's almost that time. I can't wait to see baby boy #2. I am quite sure he will be just as precious as Blake. Remember the first few weeks might be a little challenging but you will get through it. Try to nap (if at all possible). Still be consistent with Blake (discipline-wise). This was an easy time for me to "let go" and I could totally tell. Enjoy every minute. Thinking about ya!

  6. what?!?!? u r going to allow ur children to come between ur blogging?!?! how dare u1 :) best of luck to u tomorrow!!!

  7. You are so right abou the weeks flying but the monthd going shorter. Weight gain and pregnancy is no fun. I an't believe your little one will be here so soon. I rememebr when I first went to your blog and it seemed so far away! and now it is here. A poll would be lots of fun. great idea

  8. I couldn't agree more....time goes so fast, yet so slowly. But before we know it, it will be Chrismtas again!

  9. Oh...I wish #8! I tried yesterday after church and couldn't fall asleep and Kaelin napped 4 ever!!!

    I feel you on BJ's and the grocery store, too...I know in my head it does save me...but it seems like so much dough to fork out at once!!

  10. You'll be a fantastic Mommy to TWO.


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