random weekend thoughts

1. Wow another week down, how many more to go??

2. Pandora is great! One more way to access music

3. Noggin was created for Mommies!

4. Running around the couch and laughing with a toddler is a lot of exercise when you are very pregnant.

5. Hmmm I wonder if I should pack a bag just in case I don't make it to my delivery date??

6. Have I told you lately that I feel huge, tired and ready for this pregnancy to be OVER??

7. I love being a stay-at-home mommy and being able to watch the magic of the every day things with Blake... and look forward to having baby boy #2 here too.

8. I like having Site Meter on my site... it's fun to see how many people check out my blog on a daily basis... and where they are from!

9. I love the fact that Richard decided that since I didn't want a birthday gift he decided to get me a bunch of cards and hide them throughout the house.

10. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!


  1. I LOATHED being pregnant and am so not looking forward to the next time around. But, well, I have to suck it up, I guess, since I want the end result. *sigh*

  2. the end of pregnancy is the worst...well, except all that darn pushing- that is worse. But, hey, you don't have to do that! ;) Good luck these last few weeks and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. aww...that's sweet about the cards!

  4. I'm with you on #6...even though I guess I AM pretty small for 8 months pregannt...I still feel huge! And yeah...packing a bag...I finally did that last week when I started getting those braxton hicks (or at least that's what I think they were!) contractions SUPER often...and I never get them very much. Soooo...I thought I should just get that bag packed already. :)


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