random weekend thoughts

1. Being pregnant in May is Florida is a lot harder when you are 8 months pregnant opposed to 3 months pregnant

2. Ice cream is a must for pregnancy heartburn!

3. Strange... the more I drop the harder it is to breath... does anyone else think that is backwards?

4. Watching Blake learn and progress makes all the tough moments soooo worth it

5. There is nothing better than watching Blake and Richard laugh and play together

6. I'm more worried about bringing home baby #2 than I was bringing home Blake... strange I know!

7. Homemade anything tastes so much better

8. Most women clean when they are nesting... me... yeah not so much... I cook/bake

9. So who is going to invent kitchen floors that are self cleaning?

10. I don't always have the time/energy to reply to everyone's blog that I read, but I do read them! I'd rather not reply than have a cut and paste reply to all.... hope you don't mind and I hope you do not stop reading mine because I've been slacking! I promise to try harder


  1. Well I've never been pregnant, but my 7 month pregnant co-worker was just talking to me about how the baby pushes up on the diaphragm. So, could it be that the more you drop, the more the kid kicks up on your diaphragm, thus making it hard to breathe?

  2. I totally understand the read and not always comment! I'm with you there!

    Also- I think it is okay to be more nervous with #2. I was! I didn't know any better or what to expect with #1. With the second, I knew and was scared I wouldn't be able to do it with 2. So....I get it!

    You will be great though! You are such a good mommy to Blake!

  3. My baby was LOW low low . . . his head was pushing up against the cervix creating an unpleasant "pressure" effect for the last three months I was pregnant and yet I also couldn't breathe. And his foot was under my right ribcage. However - he was ENORMOUS - 9 and a half lbs . . . maybe you have a big baby!?

    Anyway, speaking of self-cleaning floors, I want to know if that Roomba robot floor cleaner thing actually works.

  4. I was with you on the way more nervous to bring home baby #2 than baby #1! Waaay more nervous! But it is working out just fine and I'm sure it will work out for you too. Oh and I lived on icecream before bed to help with heartburn. Mine got so bad I took Pepcid once a day and it still didn't completely work! PB ripple is my fav!

  5. im all about the ice cream and pregnancy!

    to answer your friend's question, i have the roomba(vac) and its the greatest thing(not so much on carpets, but hardwood or tile)! dh now wants the mopping one and that will be his bday present!

  6. sweetie..ur pregnant with #2...how could u NOT comment on everyone's blog?!?! don't stress!! ur pics were cute 2

  7. As for #10, no one is keeping score. You get a little slack being that your DAYS away from baby #2!


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