Baby Borrowers (part 3)

ok... so who watched it?

what did you think of this episode?

I just watched it today and I had some very strong feelings about the whole thing being a mother of a toddler

I can't wait to see them with pre-teens next week!


  1. I watched! Those teens have no clue what they are doing. I think that most of them did better than they did last week. Except the one chick that flipped out on the mom at the end. she was just RIDICULOUS!!!

  2. i saw the last 15 mins and i thought the girl was ridiculous at the end. maybe ill remember to watch next week!

  3. I watched the recap or repeat episode about the babies and was horrified. I turned it off and didn't watch the toddler part. I'm not a fan of the show - I was unsure when I heard about it but wanted to watch and at least give it a chance- but I doubt I will watch anymore

  4. it is seriously good for a laugh!!!

  5. I'm hooked. You did it to me. I'll be watching again tomorrow. My feelings are basically this: It's a TV show. It's meant to rile us up. These teenagers are clueless, but truly, that's what they were "hired" for. I love it for all of it's moments of, 'ha, ha told you so,' and 'what were you thinking?'


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