Baby Borrowers (pre-teens)

I was going to skip this post and just go on with life, but then decided... hey I started this thing I should finish it!

Soooo who watched it this week?

I actually thought it was better than the other weeks. Ok I would have been ticked off if my kid was in Morgan's care too... come on how can you not make sure the kid follows some basic personal hygiene??

I was also impressed to see how well the guys did this week. It has been interesting to me to see how many of these teenage guys have done so well each week interacting with the children. Maybe we will see a generation of guys who stay home more???

Do share you thoughts and opinions of the show

Don't forget to tune in next week when the teens are parents of... TEENS!


  1. I watched! I didn't understand why some had multiple kids and others just had one. Doesn't seem quite fair to me. Also, seemed like they focused more on the teens relationships with each other more than anything. I guess that is a very relative aspect of this experiment, but out of 3 days with the kids, I felt like there was a lot they didn't show. Of course it is only an hour.
    I think next week is going to be greatness....

  2. I missed it, but hopefully it DVR-ed.


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