Changing gears

As a teacher I noticed that once you got into a funk, it was hard to get the class out of it. When we would be having a challenging day (usually behavior wise), I would try to change up the mood at transition times. For example if stations (when they worked at the tables in the classroom) were tough when we were done I'd try to play some fun get up and dance and be silly songs. I found that if you didn't do something quick and fun to change the mood of the room... the day would end up as a disaster.

I also noticed that it was often my mood that needed to be changed. As a teacher, and as a mother, I've noticed that when there are behavior issues I find myself getting a bit more stressed out. Even if it isn't major stress... its stress and it effects that children. I learned that I needed to stop, step back, regroup and change gears. I had to do something fun that I enjoyed to get myself out of the downward spiral.

I've noticed this with Blake too. When things are going wrong they will continue to go wrong unless we make a change in setting and activity. That is the time to go outside, pull out the playdough or something that isn't done very often. The other thing for Blake is when he can't pull it together himself he often likes/needs to go into his room. He wants his pacifier, his blanket and to lay down on his bed. He doesn't need to be there long, but he has learned that he needs this space to calm down. This also gives me the opportunity to step back and regroup myself. Then we can go on and have a better day.

What do you do to regroup when things get tough? What does your child do to calm him/herself back down?

Time to change gears... time to relax... time to enjoy life! (ok at least enjoy my lunch)


  1. I feel the same way... I notice when i am in a mood my class reacts off of me... But we're human, sometimes you can't help being in a mood.. Especially if it's a deserving mood, LOL..

  2. You put it into words. What I do - change location and give her 100% of my attention for a while.

  3. Interesting! I usually try a different activity. Eliza and I both get into our moods. Most of the time a walk in the stroller will brighten both of our moods.


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