love my DVR

Richard and I began using our DVR so we could tape those shows that we both don't like (so we don't have to torture each other). Then we began taping the shows we both like and watching them at different times so we don't have to suffer through commercials.

Now I found a new use for it. Nickelodeon changed their line up. Well this is all well and good except Blake got used to watching Dora before his nap. Now Dora comes on and hour earlier. Yeah well that didn't work out well because he was then confused because he watched Dora it must be time for his nap, but Mommy isn't putting me down. Or we would be playing outside and come in and watch his before nap tv time and not see Dora and he'd seem to think he wasn't supposed to nap.

So now... I'm taping Dora and playing it at 10:30 so he watched Dora and then takes a nap.

Isn't technology great!!


  1. i totally <3 love my dvr 2! but sometimes i don't have time to watch it. what we do is when we have a free preview of movie channels i "tape" movies. it really convient 2 do even in the early am hours so u don't disrupt ur normal viewing schedule.

  2. i need a dvr...i should look into see how much it costs to use the one the cable company provides! i have on demand for dora/blues/jack when noggin changes their line up! drives me in sane!

  3. I adooooore my DVR. I can't imagine life without it anymore! I tape everything so I can watch it when I want. Plus I love the rewind live TV. feature. You know for when the kids make me miss the best part! lol

  4. Yep - anything that makes parenting easier is a winner!


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