random weekend thoughts

1. Feeling like crap makes the days a lot longer!

2. Getting a clean bill of health from the dr makes life easier

3. 4 years with the right man makes life worth living

4. cutting 5 inches off your hair makes your head a lot lighter (in the good way)

5. not seeing your husband for over 24 hours is strange

6. having a family who will spend the day with you just to help and provide a change of pace is more than you could ask for

7. having over 30 pics on the camera to go through is overwhelming... and no I didn't go through them still

8. Cheesecake is YUMMY!!


  1. Cheesecake is Yummy! Sorry you are not feeling well- hope you are feeling better soon. yeah for family to spend the day with you.

  2. I just got my loong hair cut too...and it is SO nice for summer - much cooler and Much lighter! ;)

  3. Glad you have a clean bill of health and I hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see some new pics!

  4. Number 4 is next up on my list!

  5. Hope your feeling better soon! And I agree Cheescake is super duper!


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