Fay, Fay

Fay, Fay go away
Don't come back another day
little boys have got to play
outside every day!

the outer bands of TS Fay are already here... we started getting rain around 7:30am and we will probably have rain until tomorrow late morning if we are lucky.

So think of me stuck in alllll day with my guys!

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  1. I am glad that Fay weakened! Today is a good day for a movie, popcorn, and a lot of snuggle time with mommy!

  2. I hope she hurries through and GETS out!!!!

  3. Aww! Hope you guys don't have to stay cooped up for too long!

  4. They keep mentioning that we may get part of Fay's rain up this way and we SO need it!! We are in SEVERE drought - on water restrictions.

  5. I hope it wasn't too bad for y'all!!


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