random weekend thoughts

1. Homemade cookies are yummy! Blake and I made oatmeal chocolate bars this week

2. When two kids have major poops at the same time, you know it's going to be a crappy day (sorry had to go there)

3. Seeing Colby smile makes my heart sing

4. Getting woken up 6 times in one night makes for very little sleep

5. Having your leg fall asleep makes it very difficult to carry a baby

6. Having me-time is sooooooo necessary

7. Praying for someone you've never met and will probably never met, is actually rather powerful

8. Getting back into going to Church on a regular basis add something to my life

9. Getting comments on my blog shows people like what they are reading... am I the only one who worries when there aren't many comments posted????


  1. I love your random weekend thoughts- but that comes from a random girl herself! ;) I too worry when I see comment numbers getting lower- of course I have been so busy lately that I haven't been doing my part in commenting too. Maybe as summer winds down and lives get less busy (does that actually happen??) and into a routine comments will pick up again for all of us.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. I know....isn't it so precious when your little baby smile at you? I LOVE it. :)

  4. Oh I hate that sleepy-leg-can't-figure-out-if-it's-on-the-ground-and-straight feeling where you just might fall over, not a good thing while carrying baby!

    And everyone keeps telling me it's summer and people are on vacation and they're not commenting, so don't take it personally.

    And have a great week!


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