random weekend thoughts

1. Missing most of the college football games this year stinks! (Richard is going to UCF's first home game today)

2. Richard taking Friday off to have a 4 day weekend is great

3. The water intrusion has messed up Colby's move into his own room...but he made it through the night last night... slept from 8:15pm until 5:50am when he nursed and then went right back to sleep

4. Hearing Colby laugh for the first time was so much fun

5. Seeing Blake try to interact with Colby more and more reminds me of why I had my kids so close in age

6. Snacking... it's all I want to do lately... someone helpppp

7. Meatball pizza is yummy

8. Milk shakes at night... and the blender didn't wake the boys.. oh yeah that was good

9. hmmm 3 thoughts about food... sounds like I'm going to need to do more sit-ups!


  1. oooh! meetball pizza- I never thought to try that. Yummmy! Oh wait- your other thoughts were good too!

  2. You're not the only one who wants to snack all the time!!! I do too!!! And we had meatball stir-fry today...it was yummy too. :)

  3. NICE random weekend thoughts..

    I too LOVE milkshakes - especially the orignal black and whites...

    Yum Yum

  4. Mmmm, milkshakes...

    (can you tell I have the same food focus?)

  5. I always like your food thoughts the best . . .

  6. Oh yeah! I LOVE meatball pizza...pretty much meatball anything!

  7. haha! My blender would def. wake E! Colby is such a good sleeper. I hope you had an awesome 4 day weekend with your hubs home. I love it when Pete is home a few extra days.


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