Challenge for you

So what is all over Blake's face in this picture??

Sorry I don't have a prize to give out... I just thought it would be fun to see what you think my little guy is wearing eating.

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  1. Brown marker?

    -So I just clicked on you because you profile picture caught my eye, and I wanted to see if you had more to say about turning mommy after teaching.

    I taught sixth grade for two years -and ran away screaming, if you must know the truth. If motherhood is more difficult than that, I just might reconsider my plans to have kids!! (Not really, I promise.)

    Your boys are cuties, by the way.

    I'll have to check back to see what he's eating. I'm curious now.

  2. I voter for Jello Chocolate Pudding! Lyndsy and I bought those singles that you talked about and WOOOOOW were they good. It came in a 6 pack and we ate 4 by the day after we bought them. They tasted so much better than the already made cups!

  3. I think Kelly is right, it's the pudding?

    And since it's me guessing, it HAS to be chocolate pudding ;-)

  4. I guess some sort of make-up...lipstick or blush or something along those lines! :)

  5. I hope it's pudding for your sake!

  6. I'm hoping pudding but from experience it seems more like eye shadow or blush!

  7. Could it be chocolate pudding!

  8. i too thought pudding...


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