Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday was started by MckMomma on my charming kids
It is a therapeutic way of dealing with all those no way I wouldn't do that moments of mommyhood. It's that opportunity to step by and be real. How often do we read other people's blogs and think they are the "perfect mommy", that nothing goes wrong in their lives? Well... lets get real... no one is perfect, we just pretend we are.

So here is my edition of Not Me Monday... won't you play along and add your own??

I did not put Colby to bed, after going home to nurse him, on Saturday instead of going back to the birthday party with Richard and Blake so that I could get a bit of Mommy time... nope I would not just skip out on seeing Dora. (pictures to come)

I did not let Blake eat Cheerio mix for lunch because he refused to eat anything else. Nope I wouldn't do that in lieu of him having a balanced meal

I did not keep turning on my laptop to see if people had replied to my blog, and to check and see if I was the only one with no life who blogs on the weekends.

I did not clean the kitchen instead of joining in on the phone conversation my husband was having.

I did not cringe when I heard the boys fussing at night because it meant I didn't get a full night sleep again.

What did you not do this week?

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  1. Hee Hee This is great!! Your Blog and Children are beautiful!!
    I so agree about the kids fussing at night-time :-)
    All sooooo true!!
    Sending warm greetings from


  2. Love your blog! You crack me up...I also check to see if I receive comments on my blog. You're not the only one! ha!

    I also am a teacher-turned-mommy (used to teach first grade for six years) and you're right...I often think a classroom of 29 six-year-olds is easier than my own two kids! ha! But I wouldn't trade being at home for the world...what a blessing.



  3. I love this post! There are so many things I "did not do", I don't know where to start! :)

  4. oh no...this is too fun.

    I did NOT forget to give E a bath for three days. I def. did NOT do that.

  5. How funny!

    It is SO hard to get your kids to eat right! Sometimes my little boy ends up eating cottage cheese (which he LOVES) and whatever else I can talk him into!

    This looks like a fun carnival. I am going to have to participate next week!

  6. oh that is just too funny!


    I did NOT become so busy taking pictures of my kid at the aquarium that I missed catching him when he keeled over and hit the floor.


  8. I am a former 2nd grade teacher. I now teach at a private Christian pre-school and I get to have my daughter in my class and my son down the hall. Your list sounds like so many things that I do NOT do on a regular basis, so I had to reply. Thanks for helping to keep mommy-ing honest and real!!

  9. So your kid ate cheerios...mine ate cookies...there's nutrition in both somewhere, right??


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