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As a teacher, I liked to do food projects with my class... sadly the more academic kindergarten became the less I could do in school. Getting kids in the kitchen is so important! Not only does it teach kids to cook, but it also encourages kids to eat, anddd teaches math and science skills.

Blake already likes to help bake, and he actually doesn't eat most of the treats we make.

Here is what we made today Cake Mix cookies

He pours the mix into the bowl
He watches as I pour 1/3 cup of oil into the cup, then he adds it to the mixing bowl
I crack the 2 eggs into the measuring cup and then he adds them to the mix
He then mixes the wet and the dry and can see them meld together to the new consistency

I then put them onto the cookie sheets and he flattens them out (I have let him put them on the sheet himself)

Then he gets to see them coming out of the oven in a different consistency

Oh and let me tell you that he gets psyched when he finds out we are baking! He gets mad if he has to wait until later to bake.

If it was up to Blake, he would be there helping me with everything I have to cook/bake. And... soon he will be able to! Richard has made the boys a "holder" for the kitchen. I just have to paint it and then they will be able to safely help in the kitchen... yes I'll post pics of it when it's done. (I just have to paint it)

I strongly encourage you to get your kids into the kitchen. You will be surprised to see how much they learn and how much fun they will have... and you will have together.

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  1. Hey-I stumbled upon your blog-I was a teacher too, now a mom to three boys. (Teaching was easier, right?! -but not as wonderful!)
    Your babies are darling!!!

  2. Ashlyn loves to help in the kitchen too- she loes when we bake. Did you post the recipe for cake mix cookies and I have missed it? Can you send it to me or point me in the right direction?

  3. We love to bake but don't do it as much as we should. What kid of "holder" are you talking about? I'm always looking for something to help Lyndsy be more of a part of it

  4. I could not get to the recipe either. It sounds fun and pretty easy. My kids love to help in the kitchen also.

  5. How sweet! Braydon just loves to help cook too! Can't wait to see the pics!

  6. Love cooking with Kaelin and I am going to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. My kids like to help in the kitchen too. We will have to try that recipe, it sounds yummy!

  8. I think it is great you are cooking with Blake. It teaches so much and is great bonding time. Can't wait for E to be bigger so she can help me.


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