Halloween Candy post

I decided to try something different... here are questions about Halloween candy for you to reply to yourself! (make sure to check out my Halloween Candy poll on the side bar too! Also... remember you can change your poll answer if you need up until the day it closes) (I'll post my own answers later today)

What kinds have you bought (or will buy)?

Why did you choose that type(s)?

What is your favorite type of candy?

What was your favorite type as a child?

How many candy pieces do you give each trick-or-treater?

Will you take your child out trick-or-treating?

Will you let him/her eat any of the candy?

Does your child have a favorite candy?

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  1. Can't wait to see the answers to these. We have a hugh candy delimna in this house. My son is deathly allergic to every nut, and most candy is at least made near nuts. I am going to order some nut free on line today. Other than that smarties usually go over big at our house. They are a safe candy. I would love to hear how many pieces of candy people give, I am not sure what the giving rate is these days..

    Great post, have a good day.

  2. Since my kids have nut allergies as well, we steer clear of the nut candies. We too like smarties, but I think most kids on Halloween like the chocolate. Yes, we will go trick or treating. So fun for all. We do not let them eat much of their candy. It usually gets put up and once in a while they get a piece in their lunch box. We only trick or treat at the mall and then to the neighbors we know. But they still get too much candy!

  3. my thoughts on candy...always get the cheap kind, but not the nasty kind. we don't celebrate halloween, but we do trick or treat...too many peeps are making it scary and about dead people and all that stuff. weird. dressing up and getting candy is awesome, so we love that part. we TorT with a group of friends...and i give 3 pieces of candy to each kiddo that comes...

    my fav candy...andes or sixlets. why is that?

  4. We usually by something inexpensive. We can't afford to give everyone little chocolate bars, even though that is what I would like to get.

    Actually, I love Candycorn!

  5. I like Peanut Butter Cups

    I love the peanut butter chocolate combo!

    I don't really eat candy - but I guess I'd say anything chocolate.

    As a child I loved 3 Musketeers

    I usually give out 2 pieces each - unless the kids are nasty!!

    I don't have a child to take out yet!! :( I will be manning brian's parents door giving out candy.


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