Not Me Monday (week 5)

Here it is.... Not Me Monday!!

If you haven't tried this already... do! It's lots of fun

1. I did not get excited when I figured out that I could just give Colby his pacifier and he'd fall back to sleep in the middle of the night... nope I love waking up to feed Colby and then stay up the rest of the morning

2. I did not and still do not feel that every muscle in my body is sore from all the work we did on the sandbox this weekend... no I workout on a regular basis and wouldn't be sore from raking dirt and digging up grass

3. Richard and I did not enjoy our time out on Saturday night and spending time away from the boys

4. I did not have a crazy busy weekend and I'm not going to have a do nothing day today!

5. I did not forget what I was going to write on Not Me Monday... nope I remember everything that happens during the week and weekend
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  1. Love this Lori! No of course you did not have a good time out of the house without the boys NOOOO!!! LOL
    Thanks again for your support!

    I am going to try this not me Monday idea.
    It is GREAT! Have a great day!!!

  2. I do the same thing EVERY week. I have things that crack me up and I sit down to write about them Sunday night and have no clue what they were!

  3. I didn't get excited this week-end, either, when the baby started actively taking a pacifier. Nope, Not me.

    Happy Monday!

  4. My body does not totally ache from dancing away at my class reunion this past weekend! I'm in better shape than that LOl!

  5. I don't write down my Not Me's so I won't forget...I just have so many I need to taper down. LOL I would be too embarrased to list them all!

  6. I forget mine all the time.

    Have a great week.

  7. i never have a good time away from my kids either :)

  8. a little me and hubby time is always (i mean never) a good thing. what super fun!

  9. I am glad you and hubsy had a night without the boys.. everyone needs a little free time.. right?

  10. I never enjoy my time away from the kids either!
    The White House

  11. Hey girl-I so did not get excited when I read another one of your Not Me Mondays. Glad you got some adult time this weekend!!!

  12. these are so much fun!!!! i love your "not me's"

  13. I loved your not me's!

    Out of the house without the kids, what is that?

  14. Never...we would never have a good time without our kids!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!


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