random weekend thoughs (the Halloween version)

1) wear a costume (even a plain sheet will work)... come on put some effort into it!

2) you must give candy at your house if you are trick-or-treating... if I can buy candy for your kid... you can buy it for mine! Or go to the mall if you don't even want to try

3) parents costumes must cover/conceal their bodies, this is not the time to be wearing your sexy pirate costume you got for roll playing with the hubby. (scary I tell you!)

4) if you come to the house early, you get lots of candy, come late you only get one piece... not only is the candy running out, but who doesn't give out the crap stuff first and save the good kinds for the end just in case there are leftovers!

5) don't stick you hand in the candy bucket, you're likely to not get anything

6) don't tell me what kind of candy you want... I can almost guarantee you won't get that kind from me (bartering is allowed though)

7) don't complain about what you got right in front of me, I'll come down to driveway and take it back, (don't you know you are supposed to say thank you and then complain as you walk away?).

8) don't ring the doorbell after the lights are off and then complain when we answer and tell you the candy is gone (even if it isn't)

9) dragging your toddler around the neighborhood after their bedtime will result in tears, so why are you shocked that we did NOT do that with Blake?

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  1. You read my mind!!!!!

    Hope you guys had a good night!

  2. Good ones! Love the random thoughts!

  3. Great thoughts for the halloween version!

  4. Lori, I can see every word you are saying. I can picture you doing and saying all of those things!!!! LOL you are funny.

  5. Good points! I can't stand the kids that are saying 'gimme gimme gimme, me me me'...where are their parents to teach them MANNERS!! I mean, I understand they are on sugar high and all, but still....

    And as for hoochie parent costumes...I totally wish I took a pic of it. Yesterday I brought the kiddos I nanny for to the kids museum here for their HUGE Halloween Day. It's chaos. Everyone is in costumes (mostly kids and the workers...) Well, here comes this mom in this definitely hooch-ified witch costume...they kind that would look awesome at an ADULT party...and what does her 6ish/7ish year old daughter have on? A hoochified witch costume too....totally gross.....teach your daughter at a young age to get attention drawn to her body...great parenting....

  6. Lori, I love the new layout and the new picture of the boys at the top. Both are super cute! Hope you are feeling better. ~Jess

  7. Oh my gosh, I could not agree more on a couple of these. You should have seen some of the girls that came to our door. I am talking young one's too. Idid not even want my kids to see them...

    Love the fall header by the way...

  8. Talk about the good stuff, my hubby usually buys two bags. One to hand out (the crappy stuff) and one to eat himself (the good stuff). Once the crappy bag is empty, the light goes off!


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