random weekend thoughs

1. Getting a toddler's haircut is not fun when they don't want it cut

2. Trying to get Blake to pose for a picture is IMPOSSIBLE

3. Having Richard stay home last night meant a lot to me (Colby had a MAJOR meltdown right before Richard was going to leave and Richard said he didn't feel right leaving when Colby wasn't seeming himself)

4. Having a busy day with 2 kids makes for a long night

5. Watching Colby begin to learn to sit is fun even if he can only sit up alone for about 5 seconds

6. Having someone amazed at Blake's coordination is rewarding.... now we just need to work on the speaking clearly thing

7. Watching Colby begin to creep is cool especially when he is doing it to get closer to Blake

8. Trying to figure out the issue bothering a 4 month old is HARD! Colby doesn't have different cries for different issues so it's just a major guessing game

9. Making something that come out "just ok" is disappointing even if the mix only cost 78cents

10. Hearing a helicopter fly over your house at 3:30 am (I was up with Colby) is a bit nerve racking!

11. Wishing you all a fun filled fall weekend!! (Go Knights!)

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  1. I'm sorry your little one is off- that is never fun. I hope the weekend is relaxing and much better!

  2. We live close to the Everglades and helicopters make daily flights over it to look for smoke during the summer (due to the brush fires and all). It was so nerve-wreaking the beginning before I knew what they were up to. It scares the crap out of you doesn't it?

  3. awe. I hope Colby is more himself. Two kids must be exhausting and rewarding at the same time!

  4. Was this Blake's first haircut? Caleb's first was very stressful...it's so hard to hold them while they're screaming like you're killing them and tell them it's all okay. Cute afterwards but stressful the entire time!!! Can't wait to see pics!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, I know what you mean about getting a toddler to pose for a picture being SO HARD!! Seriously...I have to offer Tate a special treat and bribe him to sit still and smile if I REALLY want the picture! And even then it only works sometimes. :)

  6. EXHAUSTING . . . I can't even imagine!!!

    Oh, and haircut. Never gonna happen. I know that right now. He'll get his first at 5 and if he needs one before that . . . sedation.

    And forget about pictures. There's J . . . yeah, see that BLUR in the picture??? That's him!


  7. oh yes no fun giving haircuts!!!! And Avery is due for one...

  8. That was nice for him to stay home! Steve probably would have left me with a screaming baby! Sometimes men can surprise you though.

    Oh and I get not being able to figure out the cry thing. Jillian will cry sometimes and I will offer a solution but it is only a guess as to whether or not that is the correct one. But if it's not, she just keeps screaming!

  9. i hate when things come out "just ok" especially if I had higher expectations!


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