random weekend thoughts

1. 4 months ago today... Colby was born (can you believe it?)

2. I swear there is some kind of plot going on that says I'm not supposed to sleep through the night.... Colby was sleeping through the night for a few weeks and now it seems like the boys (and the dog) are alternating who wakes me up and at what time.... grrrr! Mommies need sleep too

3. We are going to a farmers market today when the boys get up. I hope to get some great fruits and veggies to use

4. I love baking with Blake. It's fun to see him enjoy working in the kitchen

5. Just when you think you've got things figured out that is when everything changes again

6. Spaghetti squash was a big hit here.... I strongly suggest you try it. It was super easy to make and tasted like well... a sweet pasta

7. Colby lovesss the rice cereal and is already eating over 2 tablespoons already. He devours the bowl and just sits there and laughs and smiles. He opens his mouth wide and tries to get the spoon from me in order to get it to his mouth faster. I would definetly say he was ready!

8. Watching Blake play in the park and interact with other children is fun

9. I'm going to post this now and try to get a few more hours of sleep... wish me luck! (note this was posted at 3:38AM)
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  1. Wow! Colby is 4 months old! Geez! Time is flying by so fast. I used to say that my kids were out to get me too- one would sleep and the other would be up at night- then they would flip flop. I can say it does get better, but we still have nights were they get up.

  2. 4 months already - time does fly!!

    i love baking too - very theraputic!!

  3. You need to get in touch with cassie at Southern Domestic Goddess...she was up at 3am too with her baby... He is just about a week younger than Colby -
    she is listed on my sidebar..check her out if you never have..she is great!!!

  4. So some babies really do like rice cereal? Maddie still pretty much refuses it so I tried oatmeal with and without some fruit and she hates that too. However, she is in love with all things vegetable...

  5. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the market! :o)

  6. My son Jackson is almost 4 months old too. And yes, I wish they could get the message that mommies needs sleep too!

  7. Gosh, I wish I could blame the kids for me being up at night. It is all my fault lately, bathroom calls way too often.

    I love the spaghetti squash, kids don't.

    Hope you had a good time at farmers market.

    By the way the tips for PSE were great. Hopefully I will be able to make some time to give it a try.

    Have a great rest of the weekend...

  8. Yay! 4 months. He is getting to be such a big boy. I totally am with you on the spag. squash., It is also very $!

  9. I feel like I always jinx myself when I think "Wow - this has been a reall smooth period" or say "my kid sleeps GREAT" or something like that. Heh. Good luck!

  10. 4 months, where did the time go?
    we went to our farmer's market today looking for a rocking chair for N. i couldn't believe the prices. i will def be adding that to my list of places to go.

  11. Wow...3:38am, huh? I wake up in the middle of the night to feed Emily too...but I'm not sure if I would be awake enough at 3:38am to write a blog post! haha. :)

  12. They get big way too fast!

    I complain about nights too but I am afraid that I will miss it when it's over so I try to just enjoy the extra time with them. Although that kinda gets old if they are older I suppose!

  13. How's that sleep working out for you.? Not so good here. Two sick kids doesn't help.


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