Things have been busy and a bit off here the last few days. Blake's birthday party was on Saturday and it seemed to go well other than he did not want to open his gifts. The first one he opened was a monster truck that he wanted to play with, then he opened Mr. Potato Head which seemed to freak him out. Ok no problem... here you open a gift, you open a gift, you open a gift... all the other kids opened the gifts instead. They had fun and Blake laughed and clapped at each gift. Not what I expected, but it went a lot faster and he was happy so there!

I had ordered a cupcake that was supposed to say "... and daddy" to put next to Blake's cake. Yeah they didn't frost it flat but wrote the words around the edge of one of those fancy swirled cupcakes. Then the packaged it in an upside down sundae cup... it did not survive the trip home (5 min drive) so that thought was a flop. At least I didn't get charged extra for it!

Blake's having some sleeping issues that we are stuggling with working on figuring out.

Colby's gaining a lot of strength and is sitting for longer and longer. He loves trying to reach out and get Blake's cars. It will be interesting to see when he starts to crawl. (he's starting to rock his body to get closer to items already)

Me... well... I'm.... well I'm me

Hope your weekend went well. I'll try to get pics of the party uploaded soon.
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  1. Isn't it amazing how everything seems to turn to chaos at once?

    Here's hoping things settle down soon!

  2. I think having the kids open the gifts is a great idea. Good thought! Way to improvise...I see the teacher coming out in you. LOL
    Watch out...sounds like Colby will be getting around in no time!

  3. I think it is nice the kids helped with the gifts. Sorry about the cupcake-it was an adorable idea! Hope Blake's sleep issues resolve quickly- we are alwasy dealing with sleep issues here!

  4. that's so cute he clapped when the others helped open his gifts.. glad the party was fun!!!!

  5. so glad that the party was fun- and how cute that he clappd when others helped open the presents! So Sweet!

  6. Glad the party worked out, can't wait to see pictures. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon for you.. I'll be praying for better sleep patterns.

  7. It kinda seems like we're all over the place too. Lots and lots of things are happening, but at least it's keeping me busy! Have a great week!

  8. Ok the little cupcake idea for daddy was too cute. Sorry it didn't work out.

  9. Sounds like it all worked out and most importantly he had fun! I love how the gift giving went! With Esme, she always opens one gift and just wants to play with it - she has to be coaxed on to the next one. And then she's thrilled with the next one!


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