Not Me Monday (week 7)

1) I did not start working on my Not Me Monday posts on Tuesday, October 28th... nope I wouldn't need to start the post early because I remember everything that I do during the week

2) I didn't create my new blog topper, signature and labels on Tuesday just so I could have it ready to load on Sat., no I am not that obsessed with having things ready to go

3)I did not break down when Colby woke up at 4:30am and was still screaming at 5:50am, and I didn't bring him into my room in hopes of not waking Blake even though I knew it would wake up Richard, only to have Blake wake up anyway

4) I did not leave the vacuum in the living room to go check on Colby, and then Blake did not bring me in a handful of dirty dog hair.... and I did not find the all the dust, dog hair and what not dumped all over Blake and the living room. And I certainly did not kick myself for not taking a picture of it before I vacuumed it back up again

5) I did not learn that with Colby... poop + jumparoo = total outfit change!

6) I did not move this to a new post so I'd have the correct signature on the bottom... nope I wouldn't bother worrying about that!

7) I did not finally get to go to a UCF football game last night and leave to boys home with my mom, only to have them lose in overtime... no they didn't totally give that game away

8) I did not spend Saturdays nap time switching the holiday decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving, nope I wouldn't be tired of seeing them that much

9) I am not cursing the time change and the fact that kiddos don't understand the extra hour thing

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  1. Love the signature.... I agree with the time change. I feel so tired.

  2. I hear ya on the hour change. but, why am I so tired? I don't work on my Not me's all week either.

  3. I did not wish that a magic fairy would just come clean my apt this week. I did not just realize that the semester is almost over as well. Wish MckMama posted but I did my not me Monday anyways!

  4. At least you put up decorations. I guess I need to get my butt in gear for Thanksgiving! I should start my Not Me early----because my brain does not work Monday morning.

  5. I had a daylight savings time oops with my boy. I really wish they didn't have such perfectly set internal clocks!! I started my post on Tuesday too. I always forget the good stuff that happens!

  6. sorry about the poop incident!!

  7. The time change killed me all day yesterday! I was SO tired for some reason! My boys did just fine, though...thank goodness! Love your new look! :)

    Courtney (also a teacher turned mommy)


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