Not Me Monday (week 8)

I skipped week 7 because... well just because, but now we are back!

Here we are back at Monday again. Hard to believe it! Time for Not Me Monday again. If you haven't played along yet, check out MckMomma's blog my charming kids and read the fun things that everyone has not done this week.

I did not watch Colby master rolling and begin trying to creep this week... nope my littlest guy wouldn't be getting that old yet

I did not fall apart the other night because Blake woke up 5 nights in a row in the middle of the night... nope I'm stronger than that... and I didn't then wake up Richard and have him go deal with Blake.... no way I wouldn't give up and push it off onto my husband

I did not take Blake out alone twice this weekend in an attempt to give him more mommy time. I didn't buy him slippers while we were at Target in hopes that he's wear them around on these cold mornings only to have him refuse to wear those too... does he love ice cube toes?

I did not find Colby asleep on his stomach more than once... nope he would know that babies are supposed to sleep on their backs. And, I didn't leave him there just because I knew he's sleep better... noppers!

I did not grump about the cold weather almost everyday this week. No I wouldn't complain about temperatures that are 10-20 degrees lower than normal. I live in FL it's supposed to be in the 40s here at this time of the year.... NOTTTT

I did not start my list of what to pack for our trip to Richard's parents for Turkey day. No I wouldn't worry about those kinds of things.

I did not start thinking about redesigning my blog layout and making a new desktop for my laptop... no I'm not ready for the Christmas season to start

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  1. My 3 year old has had a nasty cough and runny nose the past few days so I have been up multiple times during the night as well...ugh! Believe me, I try to get my hubby up too. Hey, the kids are theirs too right :) It's not like I can catch up on my sleep during the day either :)

  2. I totally did not get giddy when I saw that you had updated and did not spend my lunch hour reading blogs.

  3. Oh, sleepless nights are the best. Of course you would always be calm it is the 6th time that should send you over the edge. LOL Been there.

  4. Of course not! Hope the sleeping goes better.

    And are little kids just warmer blooded than we are? I cannot get Esme to sleep with a blanket, ever, no matter how cold it gets. Not that that's a big problem right now in Mozambique...

  5. haha, I agree with your comment about Walmart.. lol.. That's what it seems like these days anyway..

  6. Glad you back for Monday's. I could really relate to a few of yours. We have very cold feet in the morning and nobody wants to keep them covered up...

  7. Allie would only sleep on her back for the first three months while she was swaddled. As soon as I stopped swaddling her she wouldn't sleep there anymore so onto the stomach we went. Stress yes...worry yes but she does sleep better! With the exception of the last two nights that is :)

  8. No way...Colby's not starting to creep already is he? Wow...they grow so fast!!!


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