random weekend thoughs

1. Chasing Watching a toddler during Thanksgiving dinner has it's benefits... you burn off the calories at the same time you are consuming them

2. Driving 3.5 hours (ok that would be if we didn't have to stop) with a 2 year old and an almost 6 month old isn't fun

3. Sleeping in your own bed

4. Having the boys sleep while we were away was such a great treat

5. Watching your little ones enjoy visiting with family is enjoyable

6. Ordering Pizza Hut delivered is pretty good for "fast food" pizza (especially after arriving home after a longggg drive)... and let me tell you those chocolate dunkers are dangerous!!

7. Knowing there are lots of pics and videos on my camera makes me wonder when I'm going to find time to get them uploaded and edited, oh I know I'll do it at 6am on Saturday morning... why now?

8. I hope to get my Christmas decorations out of the attic so I can maybe get started putting them up??

9. I decided to start a new tradition this year (I heard it from someone else and so stole it!) I wrapped 24 Christmas stories up and starting on Monday we will open one story each day as a countdown to Christmas (and yes I have 24 Christmas stories... actually I had them, plus a stack to put in Blake's room for bedtime stories and others that I thought were still too far over his head)

10. I can't believe that Colby turns 6 months this week... that it's almost December and that I have to begin making all the plans for the Christmas holidays... where did the year go??

11. Trying to keep up with other people's blogs while away and using someone else's computer is tough... so if you didn't hear from me over the last few days... you now know why!

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  1. What a great idea with the books. Us teachers love stuff like that. Super cute idea...I think I may have to try and find all my christmas books from when I taught. Glad they slept for you!

  2. I haven't had a hot thanksgiving meal in three years.. The joys of motherhood. :o) I was thinking of putting out my decorations this weekend too.. well, minus the lights outside since the hubby is out of town. Not a good thing to be up on the ladder when your the only adult at home huh? :o)

    Have a great Saturday! Love your random posts.

  3. I love your Christmas decorations Lori! I bet you have more than you did the last time I saw your decorations which was I don't know many moons ago??? LOL.
    I can't believe that Colby is 6 months now, he is soooo adorable!!!

  4. That 24 Christmas story idea IS a neat idea!!

  5. I also love the idea about the 24 christmas books! I can totally relate to the running around after kids on thanksgiving *grin*. Glad to hear that you had a good trip and that you are all back on safe. We are starting our decorating this weekend, it can be such a chore but worth it in the end! Oh and be sure to check out my blog I left you something *grin*!

  6. Glad you had lots of fun.. Sounds like you, too, have been super busy!

  7. I know what you mean about running after a little one. Great random thoughts... Love the Christmas story idea.


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