weekend random thoughts

1. Blake is almost 2... that I can't believe!

2. Colby and peas don't seem to agree... but we will try again later

3. Having yo-yo weather is not fun... especially since it usually messes with my sinuses

4. Being part of a historical election... amazing

5. Having Halloween candy around is way too tempting

6. Planning a birthday party is tough when it's not easy to just run to the store to get anything you need... I don't run out anywhere with the two boys... that's too much of a production to call it running anywhere

7. Getting things done around the house is rewarding even if it isn't fun

8. Overlapping naps is NICE!

9. Looking at a calendar and seeing that this year is almost over... CRAZY

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  1. Random thought blogs are some of my favorites! not to mention - overlapping naps are GREAT! I totally agree. :o) Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I will have to agree with all those random thoughts as they pertain to my family too. Peas do not agree with any of my kids nor myself. They smell so horrible. Halloween candy will be getting tossed soon for that very reason! Happy weekend!

  3. WOW - 2 in just a few days!!!! I can't quite believe it either since I have been reading your blog for a while!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  4. Crazy weather here too one days it's almost snowing and the next it's T-Shirt weather and then the warm rainy day!!!! Same problem with sinuses and allergies!!!

    can you believe it it's almost 2009 For me it's more like only 8 more weeks for baby and well I haven't prepare anything for Christmas yet! Y think I'm gonna skip it this here LOL

  5. Hi! This is my first time visiting you, hope you don't mind. I saw some of my friends over here & thought I would come say hi. Cute blog, I will be back.
    I love your random thoughts. And that Halloween candy, just go ahead & eat it. It's yummy.

  6. That's funny about the peas because Jillian would take veggies(especially peas) over fruit any day! Funny how their tastes are all so different.

  7. oh man, Blake is almost two! I remember when I started reading your blog and he was no where near two....how time flies!

  8. Wow...Blake is almost 2, huh? So, when is the big day?

  9. Gotta love overlapping naps :)

    Let me tell you..I ventured out to Office Depot this morning with all four. EXPERIENCE I know exactly how you feel!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  10. Great thoughts as always...
    Isn't it crazy that we are almost in mid-Nov??

  11. Overlapping naps . .. oh, I can so imagine!

    And 2!?!

    He was younger than J is now when I started reading you!!!


  12. I'm remembering seeing your ticker for Blake about 361 days ago (give or take) and thinking... "Blake turns two?" That's SO far off.

    And here we are. Plus one.

  13. Oh how I miss overlapping naps...

    The end of the year is crazy, I am so not ready for it.

    Love the random thoughts.


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