a bit of a Gripe from me!

Ok I don't complain a lot on my blog... but this is one thing that bugged me. Any other Tropicana drinkers out there? What do you think of the new packaging? Me... I hate it! I hate the fact that I now have to actually look at, no study, the package to find the type I want. We buy 2 cartons of Tropicana Pure Premium Heart Healthy Omega3 orange juice each week. The old carton the whole top of the carton was colored to show the type of juice. The new carton has a small stripe at the top of the carton shows the type. Yeah ... who has time to study the carton??

I contacted Tropicana to voice my opinion about this:
I am writing to let you know that I do not like the new packaging for your Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice! We love your product and buy 2 containers of Heart Healthy Omega 3 juice every week. I used to be able to walk to the refrigerator case and look quickly and find the right kind. Now the difference between the different types are so subtle I have to actually study the carton. I'm a busy mother with 2 small children, I like to get in and get what I need when I'm shopping I don't want to have to study the orange juice cartons to find the type that we prefer to buy. I hope you reconsider the use of this new carton.

This is the reply I got:

Thank you for contacting us about the new Tropicana Pure Premium label design. The new design was created with our consumers in mind so receiving your feedback is very much appreciated. In addition, we've shared your comments with our marketing team for review.

The reason we changed the design was because we wanted to capture the spirit of the morning by depicting the actual juice verses the fruit. We wanted to focus on the juice itself and bring it to life on the package.

Since you're a Tropicana fan, we've mailed you a coupon to enjoy a carton with our compliments and to show our appreciation. Your coupon should arrive in about a week.

Thank you for your feedback, Lori, and for selecting Tropicana. We hope you'll continue to select and enjoy our juice for many more years to come.

Happy New Year!

Tropicana Consumer Relations
Ref# 026703481A

So I say if you are also a Tropicana fan, and think this new packaging is not up to par... write to Tropicana and let them know!! (you can see the new and old packaging on their site too)


  1. Heck yeah Lori!! That's great that they even took the time to contact you back and send coupons. Hopefully they will change the package back to the old way so everyone will be able to find it on the shelf alot quicker. :o)

  2. Way to tell them about your opinion! I'm not a big fan, but I'm tempted to email them anyway to get some free juice!

  3. I have done that with diapers a time or two. I hate change in stuff that I buy regularly...because obviously it wasn't broken, so don't try & fix it. Glad they sent you a coupon...unfortunately, you may just have to get used to the new packaging. Just like I had to get used to the new diapers.

  4. We don't drink much orange juice here but I must say I hate when things I love get changed. For instance we love Goldfish crackers. They used to make large goldfish crackers. One, they stopped making the large ones (or at least I can't find them) and two, they used to have them in the pizza flavor(our faaaaaavorite) Now, I'm lucky if I can find the pizza goldfish period. Ok now I'm hungry for goldfish!

  5. funny you mention this as dh just noticed the new pkg as well. It did take me a bit to find the no pulp kind...but dh commented on how companies are going with less ink on packaging. he is such a geek i tell you!(he designs cartons/boxes) and has noticed little things like this...he studies everything!

    but at least you get a free oj!

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