new feature

Ever want to just say something to me? Or ask me a question? Think of something you need to say that's not related to my blog post? Or want to check up on something I talked about in the past??

I know those thoughts have gone through my mind in regards to some of your blogs. Well I've added a Chat Wall on the side of my blog. (You can find it below my poll right now) TheBlogFrog has provided a way to chat within your blog. Drop me a note and check out the cool things this site provides. If you enter my blog via your own, your name will also show up on my vist list (scroll down lower on my side bar and you'll see that too!)

Let me know what you think of this feature! The other cool thing is it sends me an e-mail letting me know someone has posted there so I can reply back to you too!!



  1. Very cool. i have seen this a bunch lately.

  2. look at you being all techno! Cool!

  3. I just tried it out for you....

  4. i love it.... i want one!!! so cool...

  5. I'm glad you like the chat wall! If you or your friends think of any other social feature you would like from blogs, just let me know!
    Rustin Banks
    Creator of TheBlogFrog


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