Not Me Monday (week 10)

Here we are... Monday again. Time to honestly tell the world what you did not do this week

1... as promised: Saturday I took Blake to the grocery store... and I did Not get mad at this old lady shopper who that it was ok to stop me and ask how old Blake was then proceed to ask when he turned two and say to me... he does speak sometimes doesn't he?? I was not so frustrated that she felt it was her place to say something. I did not say... he talks when he wants to. I also did not want to yell Yay Blake when he loudly said hi to the next person who walked by.

2. I did not have to get up every night this week to help Colby settle back down

3. I did not eat almost a whole 8x8 pan of brownies with peanut butter chips.

4. I did not come home from the doctors today to find 25 posts in my google reader.

5. I did not decide that Colby needs to be put on a schedule only to have him prove to me that you can't really convince a 6 month old to do what he doesn't want to do... yes I DO have 2 strong willed boys on my hands

6. I did not feel so much better when we got the house decorated

7. I did not take a picture of sledding just so I could write a blog post about how Floridians celebrate Christmas (post to come)



  1. Gotta love those people that think we want to hear their comments about our kids. Just cracks me up at peoples boldness. ugh.
    Can't wait to see the Florida sledding post.

  2. I totally do not agree that you have two boys who love to mess with schedules nor do I not have lots of blogs to read!

  3. I right there with you on #2!!!! Happy Monday!

  4. oh i would never eat a whole pan of brownines... Not me... heehee

  5. Don't you just love how people always think they can, or should I say "Need" to touch your pregnant belly, ask about your parenting skills, ask about your breastfeeding beliefs and so on? People are so ignorant.

  6. I am a schedule fanatic with kids once I go back to work expecially. I know it was hard to put them on schedules when I didn't really have one myself. (which I don't when I stay at home)

    Good luck. Stay consistent and maybe they will come around.

  7. We're on the meds with Allie but she's still waking at night and eating. I don't know what's going on.

    Does Colby have to eat when he wakes up?

    The brownies sound yummy!!!! And you go girl....I love the grocery store comment!

  8. My fifteen year old was so shy that people used to ask if there was something wrong with him, or if he ever spoke. He's still kind of quiet! Your children sound precious!

  9. So Colby still doesn't feel like being on a schedule, huh? Nuts...hopefully he'll decide that schedules are great things one of these days!!

  10. oh yum! I love some brownies!

  11. Those boys, I tell you way different than the girls.. got to love a pan of brownies. I only wish I could have some with peanut butter chips, yummo.


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