Not Me Monday (week 11)

We are not here at Monday again... are we? That means it must be time for...

Make sure you head over to MckMomma's blog my charming kids and read what everyone is did NOT do this week!

What did I not do?

I did not already write the post for my give-away.... nope I'm not that organized with my blog, or have that much time, or that obsessed with getting it set up.

I did not pre-post all the first book and Let's Say Thanks posts, and you can't totally tell because my siggy is the one from November.

I did not go out to the Hallmark store and Target last night after the boys went to bed, and I certainly didn't enjoy getting out of the house by myself.

I would never thank my husband for getting up in the middle of the night with Colby, and then end up getting up anyway because he too struggled with trying to figure out what Colby wanted. I then did not feel guilty when Richard slept for part of the night in the living room with Colby on his chest.

I did not bake 3 pans of brownies to give away to the neighbors and then say to myself... hey wait I didn't make any for us! No who would complain about giving double layer mint frosted brownies away? And Richard and I certainly did not shave a bit off the ones he is bringing to work... and justify it by saying we needed to "test" them out.

I did not laugh when I was crushing the candy canes, for the brownies, and there was candy cane dust coming out the top and all over my fingers.

I did not let Blake help make the brownies and then let him lick the spoon at the end.

I did not laugh once this week as Colby scooted backwards around the room... and I did not find it amazing how far he can go

I did not start the post of my answers to your questions... nope... I wouldn't be that excited about answering your questions and wondering what other questions will be asked today!

I certainly did not write this post at 4:25 in the morning.... nope I would never be up at that time, and if I was up at that time I would not have thought.... hey at least it wasn't 3:25am



  1. I did not just ask if you'd mind making a pan of brownies for me too.

  2. Yum on the brownies and Target is closed by the time my kids have all fallen asleep:(

  3. I did not ask you to pass that brownie recipe along :)

    you are too organized for me..seriously I used to be there but I lost it a long time ago!

  4. those brownies sound YUMMY!!! I would have kept a couple too. ;)

    great list!!!

  5. where's my brownies?? as for the kiddo, it must be int the air...sofie sick sicko and struggled most of the night...and bster had the flu on sat/sun. boo!

  6. I did not make fudge last night nor did I realize that I can not eat it :( Happy Monday and yay for getting out alone :)

  7. Hallmark and Target!! NICE, two of my most fav places to shop and get away by myself. :o)

  8. That is mighty early to be up and functional! :o)

  9. haha, love the brownie one!

    Hmm.. I got another question...

    Imagine if 10 years ago, you were asked where you would like to be in 10 years... Is that answer anywhere close to where you are now?

  10. Well I DO have an award for you over at my place :)

  11. I most certainly did NOT see that you left a comment on the 5 minutes for mom giveaways at 4ish am!!

  12. Mmm... double layer mint frosted brownies! Where's mine? :o)

    Looking forward to your giveaway and blogiversary!

  13. Love to shop after the kids are asleep.


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