Not Me Monday (week 9)

Here we are again... Not Me Monday

What things did you "not do" this week?

I did not pre-post last week so there would be posts on my blog while I was away for Thanksgiving... nope that would be way to obsessive

I did not check my google reader and e-mail daily while away... that would be even more obsessive!

We did not come home early from the trip to go to the last football game of the season. Then go to the game only to have them lose in a terrible game. We then did not stop at Coldstone for ice creams because we couldn't figure out what we wanted for dinner.

We did not eat pizza for dinner 3 days this weekend... no I'm not that lazy

I did not wake up with severe pain in my right shoulder blade, and I didn't then worry how I was going to pick up Blake

I did not go in the laundry room and find that the fabric softener bottle had a hole in it and leaked everywhere

I did not get a big chunk of my Christmas decorations up and wish the tree was up


  1. Gotta love pizza! I have been so bad about eating out lately that my daughter called me on it and said I need to start making things at home from scratch. Yeah right. We did go shopping though, for some ingredients. Worth a shot.

  2. I so have not had icecream for dinner before or eaten chocolate chips for breakfast :)

  3. Pizza and coldstone, two of my favorite things.

  4. Isn't pizza just the easiest thing sometimes!! I just love it!

  5. I saw a thing on the show Family Fued the other day. The question was... How many times does the average family eat pizza in a month. I figured at least 4-8. Nope, the number one answer was once. Once!?! Seriously!?! My family is waaaaaay above average. hee hee

  6. Oh i've never had take out more then 1 night in a row cause i didn't want to cook!!! not me...

  7. I needed to prepost for last week - but was SO busy I just didn't even have time to!!!! I've missed you all!

  8. Ice cream and pizza for dinner sounds great! My husband would be thrilled if I told him we were going to do that :) Great Not Me's!

  9. Those were fantastic! Loved um!

  10. I just decorated like crazy today!

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

  11. haha! Love it! We had pizza the day before Thanksgiving. :)


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