random weekend thoughs (the Christmas version)

1. I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away!

2. I'm so glad to not be traveling for Christmas

3. Going for a walk and seeing the houses lit for Christmas is fun... but seeing how many houses aren't decorated and knowing that a lot of them are that way because they are in foreclosure is sad

4. Mommy is making a list and checking it twice... a list of things to do before the Christmas chaos begins

5. Getting most of the shopping done in a few days was good, but it also makes me feel even more like I don't have everything done

6. Knowing that Christmas will be even more exciting next year makes this year exciting too

7. Reading Christmas stories with Blake is even more enjoyable than reading them with my classes in the past

8. Christmas music 24/7 on two radio stations makes it easy to get into the mood

9. Knowing that we will probably be able to wear our shorts and t-shirts for Christmas seems strange... right now the forecast is for low 80s on Christmas day... yes I'll keep you updated on that as we get closer ... cause I know you need do know this!

So what are your random thoughts about Christmas??


  1. I am not sure I could be in the Christmas spirit if it were 80 degrees out. Though Christmas is not about the weather or snow, but living in Ohio ALL my life it seems part of it.
    Love the music on the radios. I will be sad when it is over.
    I can not wait for wed. & thurs. We have a 3yr old that can NOT wait to open his gifts. So much fun is awaiting us.

  2. Love the thoughts.. wow, 80 degrees.. I remember one Christmas where it was in the 70s.. I was somewhat disappointed, but oh well.. We'll see what happens this year. :)

  3. I just finished my list. Also wanted to tell you I've had a hard time leaving a message here for some reason.. That's why you have not heard from me. It worked just know. I loved the snowman from the post below.

  4. 1 random thought for me is that I must have snow on Christmas Day, or it just doesn't feel the same. Something magical about snow on Christmas! Hmmmm.

  5. Well my insomnia is wide awake at 1:20am on December 21st. Random...I know. I am writing letters to my family members and doing laundry...and watching movies at 1am. Seriously...wide awake.

  6. 1. I didn't even send my Christmas cards yet. I'll do it tomorrow, don't know if they'll get there in time.

    2. I'm jealous that you can read different Christmas books to Blake. Lyndsy picked one fav and that's the only one she will let me read to her.

    3. I don't have anything wrapped!

  7. i hate traveling on christmas too.. i'm always doing so much back and forth driving...


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