random weekend thoughs

1. 3am is not a fun time to start your day

2. Getting most of the Christmas decorations up helps get the spirit moving in the house

3. Taking a toddler to see Santa is interesting, no I didn't get a pic since I ended up in the professional pic and we don't get them until next Sat. Then I have to figure out how to get it scanned so I can "play" with it

4. A post is coming soon about how Floridians celebrate the holidays... I need to take a few more pics first

5. Tune in on Monday to see why I was mad at the grocery store today (I'm going to put it in my Not Me Monday post)

6. Deciding to set a schedule for Colby and begin helping him sleep train I think will help all of us get into routines and sleep better. (No I'm not opening up a debate on the cry it out method... it works for us... deal with it!)

7. Thinking about taking both boys to the doctors on Monday makes me cringe (but Richard and my Mom will be there with me... and at least only Colby is getting shots)

8. Stephanie, from Baseballs and Tutus, is an observant reader as she was the first and one of only two to notice I asked a question on the top of my chat wall... ok now check it out the rest of you

9. If you didn't check out the two days worth of awards I gave out your should... you may have got one yourself (here and here)

10. I can't believe that I've been blogging for almost a year (heads up before I get to my blogoversary Richard is going to guest post and I'm going to have my first give away!)

11. Happy sleepy thoughts to you all... especially the rest of the sleep deprived mommies!



  1. I did notice that you were only like 27 days away from your blogversary, but I didn't notice the cookie question. How weird.

  2. I always love your random thoughts-- and I guess I should be glad my day started at 4 am and not 3 am.

  3. I am loving the chat wall!!! Hope the sleep imporves...keep us posted.

  4. Random posts are one of my most fav's. Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Now I'm curious what happened at the store. I was so frustrated in Walmart the other day. The cashier was telling her life story to each person as she rung them out. I was 3rd in line. 45 minutes after lining up, I finally got out of there. Putting me 10 min. late for my cookie engagement.

  6. Hooray...excited about hubby posting!

    If nothing else I'm observant :) Gotta love those 3 am mornings...getting old around here but last night we did 1130 and 230 also :(


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