random weekend thoughs

1. 3:27am is early... oh wait but 3:11am is even earlier!

2. Yo-Yo temps drive me crazy... 80s one day barely in the 60s the next... hello!

3. Watching my sons interact makes all the annoying things easier to deal with

4. Colby has starting going backwards when he creeps... this is too funny to watch

5. Planning the last few things to buy for Christmas gifts and knowing that it's almost done makes thing easier

7. Trying to search out the most over the top display and then being glad it isn't my neighbor!

8. Can you say a 29lb two year old and a 19.5lb six month old... who needs to lift weights? (they are only about 10" difference in their height too)

9. Having a stranger compliment me on Blake's listening skills and behavior, on a playground no less, always feels good

10. Seeing that more people are using the chat wall now that I've added a question is actually interesting to me!

11. I'm plotting out my first give away.... hmmmm (I will give a hint that it is something you've seen on my blog before)



  1. I love it when people compliment my kids in public...doesn't happen to often, because we are like taking the circus some place, but it feels good when it happens. :) Great job Blake!

  2. Oh yeah, I know what you mean by yo-yo temps.. The high today was 66.. tomorrow the high will be 72. The next day it will be 45. Good times. :)

    I love when I get compliments about Leala in public. :)

  3. Way to go, Blake! (and Mommy)
    Our temps (in Ohio) are strange as well. Today it was FREEZING, tomorrow it is to be in the 50's. ???

    Have a GREAT weekend.

  4. 3AM is way too early. Plus about the weather, Sunday will be in the 70s and Monday is in the upper
    30s. What is up with that?
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  5. Good luck with those last few Christmas gifts! :) And I can't wait to see what your first giveaway's gonna be!!


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